Your pet pictures on the wall

Pet canvas prints

When it comes to pets, most people treat their furry friends as part of the family. Just like any other family member, pictures are par for the course. If you are interested in creating a unique piece of art that features your pets, animal canvas prints are a great way to go about it. Prints Planet offers a wide range of pet canvas prints that will look good in any room of your home. We also have a few tips that will help you get the perfect shot when you want to put your pet on canvas.

Capture The Personality Of Your Pet On Canvas

The key to perfect pet canvas prints is capturing their personality in photos. Taking pictures of your pets running free, playing with their favorite toys, or simply looking cute can make for the best canvas prints. Though your furry friend may love to play and cuddle, you might have to be creative in your composition to capture your pet on canvas. Animals naturally have a hard time staying still so you may need a bit of patience when trying to get photos for animal canvas prints.

Lighting & Cameral Level For Pet Canvas Prints

The best light to use for getting pictures of your pet on canvas is natural lighting. Flashes can cause red-eye and will often startle animals which will make the photo blurry. It is also best to hold the camera at the same level as your pet for high-quality animal canvas prints. If your pet is on the floor, bend down to take the picture at their level. This will improve the composition and lead to a more attractive canvas once printed.

The Character In Their Eyes

Forget about animals, even people have a hard time hitting the right pose. For the best pet canvas prints, it is a good idea to let your pets act naturally. Be patient when trying to capture the perfect photo. Instead of looking for a pose, make a point of capturing their image when they are letting their true personality shine through. Another important aspect of animal canvas prints and animal photography, in general, is capturing the eyes. Make sure that your camera tracks and focuses on the eyes so that the image is highly defined. The more defined the image, the better your pet on canvas will be.

Know When To Take Pictures For Pet Canvas Prints

Natural settings are always the best for animal canvas prints, but if you are looking to host a formal shoot, timing is important. The best time to get formal pictures for placing your pet on canvas is at the end of their playtime, or when they just wake up. It will be easier to keep them still and put them into your desired poses. For dynamic shots, of course, full energy will be preferable.

Superior Quality Pet Canvas Prints

Whatever you choose to print on canvas, Prints Planet is here to help. We offer animal canvas prints in various sizes. Your pet canvas prints will be printed on 260 GSM cavnas media (which means is very storng and durable). We also do gallery-wrapped canvas which means that frame is not visible therefore your canvas print will look nice. For more information on pricing and delivery times, give us a call or send us an email today.