Family photos on the wall

Family canvas prints

What better way to immortalise your loved ones than by blowing up unique photos. Of course, a family photo on wall is a good way to show your love, but what if there is something better? Printing your family photo on canvas is a unique way to show your love and share special moments with everyone around you. If you are interested in immortalising your photo on canvas or creating a unique family gift, Prints Planet is here to help. We have a few tips that will help you choose or create the perfect image for canvas printing.

Is Your Image Worth Turning Into A Family Photo On Canvas?

Just because there is a family photo on wall doesn’t mean the same photo will look good as a canvas. Pictures can look amazing in regular or glossy print. Incredible colours, candid shots, and even imperfections are fine when your photo on wall is of the normal variety. When it comes time to transform an image into a canvas, the little details become more important. It is much easier to notice small details and imperfections when an image is blown up on a canvas, so taking a posed photo or at least choosing one with care is important.

Before printing a family photo on canvas, spend some time analyzing the image. Blow it up so that you can see the picture from a few different angles. Look for random distractions that may be at the edge of the photo, and also check for blurriness or lack of focus across the whole image. The key to printing your photo on canvas is to choose one that is clear, highly defined, and one that has little to no distortion.

Your Family Photo On Wall In High Resolution

Seeing your photo on wall is sure to be a great decor choice, but make sure that it is really clear. Most people take pictures on their cameras these days, and let’s face it, a lot of them are not that great. Of course, you can get a great family photo on canvas with a picture you took with your phone. The trick is making sure that you choose a picture that has a high resolution. The main difference is that you simply won’t be able to blow it up to a gigantic size. You can easily print out regular size or slightly enlarged canvas prints that will look amazing. If you want larger canvas prints of your family, you will need to have a picture taken with high resolution.

Pay Attention To The Focus Before Printing A Family Photo On Canvas

If you want to hang your photo on wall in canvas form, it is important that you pay attention to the focus. Nothing is worse than sending out your family photo on canvas to be printed, only to get an out-of-focus print in return. Many people intentionally leave background images out of focus to bring the subject to the forefront. While this is artistic on glossy film, it can look terrible blown up on the canvas. One simple trick is to take the family photo on wall you plan to print and blow it up 50% on your computer. This can give you a pretty realistic idea of what your image will look like once printed on canvas.